Thursday, August 21, 2014

Volkswagen, I wouldn't want to drive my wife and daughter in a car that is so insensitive to women

Nude models in Volkswagen car show in China. Unbelievable, some people can be so very stupid. So unfortunate to have them as Chinese because they paint China in a bad light once again, with their stupidity. Their lack of education and creativity allowed them to pull a distasteful stunt. What were they thinking? It's Volkswagen dude! That's a family car too, and which customer in their freaking mind would want to drive their mom, wife, and daughter in a car that is so insensitive to women?

If it had been a sport car, with less chances for family man to buy, the chick could have work (although still cheap). But hey, that is Volkswagen we are talking about. What was Volkswagen thinking, or could it be that the company didn't know what the Chinese dealer was up to?

If I wanted sex, sex magazine or product, I would have appreciated having nude models promoting the event. However, to attend to a car show (with family) and then "assaulted" by these models is really inappropriate. Furthermore, having a hard-on while buying a car is hilariously sick and far from the mind of any normal people.

Luckily, China has put a stop to this tasteless trend.

P.S. Demeaning women in car show is not exclusively found in China, because the practice is found in other countries including America. So, don't bark up the wrong tree.

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