Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dear nasty Ah Pek (uncle) on MRT

Dear nasty Ah Pek on MRT,

I know you must think that other people should give way and give up their seats to you whenever you are present. I have seen you Ah Peks nudging towards occupied reserved seats with your mouth mum but your EXPECTATION high. I don't really know why you don't ask nicely for a seat in front of you, BUT instead use a nasty look of contempt on youngsters who were too green to know better. As an "old ginger" (aged with experience), I am clueless as your approach to "communicating" with youngsters. In my opinion, you Ah Pek built up such negative energy unnecessarily (or is that your true character, persisted even after you have aged?), when you should be positive and make the first move to ask for seat graciously. The kid in front of you will surely give up his or her seat. Even if one doesn't, then surely the one seated next to him or her will give up his or her seat to you. When you say, "thank you", your gesture is encouraging and fulfilling. However, you nasty Ah Pek never open your mouth. You nudged, you sat and you disregarded the person who moved away.The only time I have seen you Ah Pek open your mouth was when you yawn and dozed off afterwards.

It seemed to me that age didn't increase your wisdom. It didn't tone down your nastiness. It didn't improve your patience. Your pride prevented you from asking people for help properly and it made you look pathetic. You are the creator of bad karma in this world. You mistreat and people reciprocate. You are the bad apple of the older generation and you make it more difficult for the rest of gracious Ah Pek (old "uncle"), or Ah Gong (grandpas) to receive help.

For that reason, I'm writing this entry to remind myself that there are the nasty Ah Pek and there are the good ones. I won't allow a few bad apples to affect me. If I observe an ingratitude gesture by nasty Ah Pek on MRT, I will say, "THANK YOU" on his behalf. That gesture from me will remind the nasty Ah Pek about graciousness and to motivate the person giving up his/her seat.

Just a thought.

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