Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Scary condo such as City Square Residence in Singapore

It's sad that due to several circumstances, living in City Square Residence condominium has been transformed from happy to scary. I'm referring to Condo's residents and security guards clash (The Straits Times, Aug 16), which is also reported in Asiaone. If I'm a buyer, I will surely avoid this condo or the likes. If I'm a lessee/tenant, I will avoid looking for this place to stay.

I don't feel comfortable having unfriendly security in a place I call HOME. I don't fancy having to be scrutinized, re-scrutinized and treated as if I'm returning to a prison cell. Work is already stressful, and to return home to a much worse place is not what I want for home.

The problem started with illegal subletting of condo. This prompted the management to introduce access card with photograph. In other word, families living in the condo are "dog-tagged". Furthermore, to have a security guard such as Mr. Hazzin who consistently confronted and caused inconvenience to visitors and residents alike, is like having the worst "prison warden" or "bouncer".

The worst thing that can happen to home buyer is for a decent and comfortable home to be transformed into an ugly affair involving unwanted confrontation with over-zealous guards. I wished that there was a better way to deal with unruly residents/visitors or illegal tenants in condos. Surely brute force isn't the answer. Surely rude and unfriendly behaviour isn't the answer. This is considering that most residents are just returning home, and not visiting pub or bar. We don't really appreciate having a bouncer who constantly check the IDs of suspicious looking person in the premises.

I guess if I want to be a prudent home buyer in the future, I will have to search for reviews about the place first. Most important of all, I will have to read reviews about the security there. For now, with this news in mind, I know for sure I won't be looking for a place or condo that engages GATES PCM Integrated Services (GPIS) for security. I truly doubt the quality of their service. Furthermore, as I have written before, having a friendly security is worth twice the security. Being mean and scary don't really deter crime nor does it enhance security. Worst, it affect the whole ambiance and cause unnecessary stress.

"You don't need to tell me what to do. I don't need to be polite on my job. You understand that?" allegedly said by the security guard (Asiaone).

According to GPIS website, "prevention is better than cure". That is really stupid, and cliche. Nowadays, prevention is not better than cure. It is impossible to prevent anything unless if you live in a "bubble". In the medical sphere nowadays, much more is being invested in treatment and care to improve the quality of life and promotion of fast recovery. In my opinion, GPIS failed to recognize who are its clients. They are not inmates from prisons or rowdy bar patrons. There is no such thing as "I don't need to be polite on my job". If you don't show respect, don't expect any respect from anyone.

Just a thought.

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