Sunday, August 3, 2014

SMRT "care sticker" for those willing to help

SMRT "care sticker" was launched recently to identify commuters in need of seats. I've not seen anyone wearing them yet. Japan had the sticker for sometimes now. I'm not sure about Europe. 

All of them have something in common, "let the wearer be noticed by those seated in the reserved seating".

What is lacking in all these implementations is the involvement of the majority of the public. Most of them are caring individuals. 

In most time while we are travelling in a public transit, we are not aware of people around us. It could be due to the sheer number of commuters around us or it could be due to distraction,  e.g. smart phones, lethargy, etc. For whatever reason, there are most of us willing to give up our seats if we are made aware of the people who need them.

Instead of identifying commuters in need of seats,  why not provide an identification mark for those willing to give up their seats? By including the participation of the general public, we can show how caring society really is. 

This article was written after reading a comment from Straits Times

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