Friday, August 8, 2014

How to deal with abandoned bicycles in MRT stations and shopping malls

Lately, there have been many cases of abandoned bicycles all over Singapore, or at least in major estates. I have no idea why people would abandon their bikes. Could it be that they have forgotten where they parked these bikes and had no idea how to search for them? Or was it due to moving away from Singapore? If indeed they had moved away, shouldn't the owners unlock their bikes and allow other people to just "adopt" their bikes? Isn't it better than locking these bikes at poles, trees, and rails and allow them to waste away?

In my opinion, the authority should do something about these abandoned bikes. The authority should stick a warning letter to these bikes and allow a grace period for the owners to remove their bikes and failing which the bike will be "towed" away for good.

What to do with the abandoned bike?

I have a good idea. The authority can reuse the metal from the bike frame to build wheel chairs or push chairs for the needy at affordable prices. Most of us have no idea how expensive wheel chairs can be. They are more than sgd 100 and can reach up to sgd 400. Most can't really afford the huge price tag.

Considering that Singapore is going to have a significant number of elderly folks, having a better walkway which is wheel-friendly as well as good and affordable wheelchairs or pushchairs will help many households. Why not pick up these abandoned useless metals and reuse them for making affordable wheels for the needy?

Just a thought.

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