Sunday, August 24, 2014

Unruly passengers on board flights should be banned from flight

If a passenger can be banned from flight just because he/she is overweight (which is not his/her fault), there should also be ban for people considered as being a danger, menace, and irresponsible. This ban should especially apply to the reported unruly, drunk, violent passenger who assaulted flight attendants and other passengers on board India Air.

There should be an global/International identification system to list these people and accessible for all other airlines. The allowance/permission for such individual to travel should then be made under special arrangement, such as travel under security, prohibited from drinking, and he/she must pay extra "good-behavior bond" (or something similar) prior to boarding (in which failure to adhere to stipulated condition will forfeit any sum of money placed as guarantee). In addition, for repeated offense, the offender will be barred from traveling by plane for a specified period of time.

Some people place the fault to the airline for providing alcohol to passengers in the first place, and allowing him to drink more than the allowed dose (or number of drinks). Although alcohol is required by some passengers to induce sleep and to calm the nerve, some people just have the opposite effect and become agitated, unruly, disorientated, and irrational. It would be a difficult task to identify the latter group. However, with a system to identify such individual, extra precaution can be made to prevent them from being a danger on board flight.

Ban from flight should also be applied to selfish, irresponsible, and suicidal people. For example:
In my opinion, passengers who failed to follow instruction given by flight attendants should also be blacklisted and grounded. If these people want to fly, they should do so under supervision and bond.

Just a thought.

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