Friday, August 8, 2014

Singapore needs birdbath

We are proud of having a healthy number of different bird species in Singapore, with beautiful migratory birds visiting Singapore occasionally. With the advent of modernization and huge changes in our landscape to concrete jungle with healthy mix of plants/flora, we are seriously missing something for our friendly birds. We are lacking birdbath for our feathered friends to cool themselves and quench their thirst. Although we have water fountains and pools, some are not accessible to birds. This is considering that most of them don't have long legs (like stork) to trudge water.

Having birdbath will not just benefit birds, but also benefit our poor bees and other flying "non-nuisance" insects. If we can design a birdbath that isn't accessible to mosquito as breeding ground, we will be able to provide strategically placed drinking source for our birds and bees and other beneficial insects. Although we have plenty of rain coming our way, sometimes during hot season, it is really difficult to get sufficient water to cool off. Getting a helping hand from us will be much appreciated.

Just a thought.

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