Sunday, August 24, 2014

I support police action to issue fine to cyclist found to ride illegally in Bedok Town Center

I am referring to this article about 11 cyclists so far being issued a fine amounting to SGD 100 for riding ILLEGALLY in town center. However, some in the cyclist community (without understanding the issue in full) did not support such move. To some of them, I have to highlight the keyword here ILLEGALLY, which was the reason for the police fine. I have been to town center markets where bikes are not allowed to be ridden in the compound, but some apathetic cyclists rode in anyway and risked knocking down children who were walking about, running, or coming from a corner. These irresponsible cyclists are the ones who would risk knocking down the elderly, kids, expectant moms, and anyone else just for their own convenience to park their bikes near an NTUC store/wet market to go shopping. There are sufficient signage before the entrance indicating that riding a bike is not allowed (FOR a reason), and there are enough parking spaces for bicycles. If cyclists wants to park their bikes in the market compound, they should push their bikes into the compound instead of riding them.

Photo from SG Cyclists facebook page. Some cyclists commented that it is this cyclist who give bad impression of cyclists in general.

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