Friday, August 8, 2014

Junk mails in the mailbox a waste of paper

Majority of junk mails in my mailbox are those pertaining mostly to property agents (sometimes tuition, plumbing, and others). If I had received these junk mails at long intervals, I wouldn't have minded keeping some of them for future decisions. However, after being bombarded with frequent junk mails from the same advertisers, I have been mentally-conditioned to remove them from the mail box, and subconsciously shredding them into numerous strips just to relax my nerves. Surprisingly, the shredding has grown to being a therapy for me and I have grown fond of the action.

To shred the junk mail would assure me that no one will reuse these ads again.

I am no longer worried about saving the trees. They are not savable considering how CHEAP papers are in Singapore. Trees are a gone case not worth worrying about. If we (or Singapore) really wanted to save trees, we would have made the cost of printing craps much more expensive. Alas, papers are so cheap that not printing them will be a sin.

Just a thought.

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