Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rega ceiling fan life-time warranty with CAVEATS

A good product has longer guarantee without need for warranty. A bad product will give limited lifetime-warranty. As a prudent shopper, we must choose wisely.

Going to buy any ceiling fan in Singapore, or especially Rega brand? You have to realise that warranty for Rega is context-dependent with fine-lines that penalize customers. Its motor has lifetime-long warranty, but other parts are not. What we don't realise is that motor is just copper-coil with magnet and of course they are durable. Often, things that break are those 'other parts'.... and even if motor is intact, fan won't work.
Refer to this article on Rega life-long warranty with caveats.

Friendly security worth twice as much than security

Security in any establishment is a must. It ensure safety to visitors and people who work there. A good security firm (or in-house security) ensures security, and on top of that it ensures a conducive environment for both visitors (customers) and other workers. The best security would be those that provide the highest security with less interference to the norm. This is especially considering that most countries are not under emergency (or curfew), and surely not Singapore. We as customers and visitors don't really need machine gun toting personnel, or fierce-looking muscles to make us feel "safe", and "welcomed".

Having said that, I have been to supermarkets, condominiums, government buildings, private and public companies, club houses etc. and I got to learn one good example from all this. Companies (esp. customer-oriented ones) need to invest more in the establishment of "efficient" security in their premises. Efficient in the sense that the security personnel are trained to be vigilant at all time but friendly none-the-less (without compromising the former quality). Just remember that giving out a smile doesn't lessen the "deadly power" of these muscles at work. Conversely, being fierce-looking all the time doesn't work in enhancing security because crooks/terrorists don't buy it (only amateurs might fall for it). Sure enough, regular customers/visitors HATE IT when unreasonable SECURITY hamper their daily norms.

Imagine I'M LOVING IT quality in McD when one day McD decides to hire bouncers to greet customers.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cab nearly ran me down at pedestrian crossing

SHD2066G from prime taxi nearly knocked my wife and I at a pedestrian crossing near Lot 1 CCK from 9.50am to 10am on 10 Sept 2013. The driver saw us and drove by nonchalantly. No courtesy, and didn't acknowledge our presence. Moreover, he drove by even though I raised my hand as gesture to indicate that I'm about to cross as well as a thank you note. I guess that meant nothing to him.

I tried calling the Prime taxi customer number and the person at the other end asked me to hold. Unfortunately, she couldn't place my call to the complaint line and referred me to a handphone number. I chose to write in from the feedback form on Prime Taxi website relating my worry about this driver and asked them to advice the driver to adhere to road regulation. There was no reply/acknowledgement after more than a month. I assumed my message got sent to junk mail.

To those using the pedestrian crossing, just be careful. Remind loved ones to always walk cautiously even when on pedestrian crossing. I have always thought that raising your hand would be indicative to drivers to stop, but it's not fool-proof either.