Friday, May 31, 2013

Firefly update - post flight impression

First time we took MAS Firefly and unbelievably, the staffs are very friendly and easily approachable. The cabin staffs were helpful and courteous. Felt very comfortable traveling with Firefly.

The only bad experience would be the pre-flight booking procedure and the rigid policy not allowing change of name on the ticket. I am not apt in the security procedures involving passenger travels by flight -especially after post9-11, so I'm guessing that the difficulty in asking for simple name change could be due to security procedure. Otherwise would be unacceptable to me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Firefly updates - amendment to flight information

Tried the ticketing office again to inquire about amendment to flight information. Our helper no longer work for us and we had to change name for a replacement helper on the ticket.

The staff informed us that name change on the ticket is no longer permitted. When pressed for suggestion or alternative, there is none - suggesting that the ticket we are holding is as good as garbage.

I called CASE Singapore to ask about protection under Lemon law. Unfortunately, Lemon law covers only goods but not services.

All in all, consumers are left handicapped in a lopsided airline vs consumer deal.

M'sia airline Firefly, "your call is important to us", that is why...

I'm being put on hold for > 30 min with constant advertisement announcement on the background with firefly music to deal with. It sort of adding fuel to fire for being made to wait that long.

In comparison to calling other ticketing numbers, the latter's call went through faster. Unfortunately, to make amendments to your booking, they directed us to call the "important" call center (+60378454543).

Your call is important to us, our agent is unavailable being repeated several times and adverts announcement being included in the waiting tone fumes me...

If indeed customer's calls are important, the company should have placed more emphasis on receiving these calls. Failure to do so only reflect how important these calls are to them.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Re: 5 reason to avoid Singapore?
Come on. You should have written a more believable piece. Then it would have been commendable.
2 days for someone who admitted never been to Singapore is sufficient to form such elaborate perception? Unbelievable....

In my opinion, you had a bias to begin with. You knew about the political scene in Singapore, you knew about the author who is being charged in court, you knew about all things else (very likely, from your reads about Singapore).

You are being unfair to your readers who assumed that you had a good piece to share about what genuine 5 reasons that made you didn't want to visit Singapore in a short time as 2 days.
Only after reading the whole piece that it occurred to me that you were unfair, partial and subjective in this writing.

Wasted my time looking to find an interesting story here... What you did was regurgitating other people's perception about Singapore with a bit of "genuine" first time visit to the country.

I hope you will improve on your next piece for the sake of preserving your integrity as a writer.
If you wish to stick to your biased view on Singapore, do the courtesy to change the title to, "5 reasons I dislike Singapore".

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Overpopulation: super long queues at NTUC (and others)

It's time. Adopt technology to alleviate long queues at check outs. Allow existing counters to cater for certain shoppers, but instal automated checkout booths for tech savvy shoppers.

When you have more people adopting the tech, then slowly decrease the old fashioned counters.
Although I still prefer person-to-person interaction, it's just not doable in a megacity. We hardly have time to say hello at check out counters here, due to long queues and exhausted cashiers (who dealt with God-knows-how-many customers per day).

So, when will NTUC (or other shopping malls) implement more self checkout booths all over the country to alleviate long queues?