Friday, May 10, 2013

Re: 5 reason to avoid Singapore?
Come on. You should have written a more believable piece. Then it would have been commendable.
2 days for someone who admitted never been to Singapore is sufficient to form such elaborate perception? Unbelievable....

In my opinion, you had a bias to begin with. You knew about the political scene in Singapore, you knew about the author who is being charged in court, you knew about all things else (very likely, from your reads about Singapore).

You are being unfair to your readers who assumed that you had a good piece to share about what genuine 5 reasons that made you didn't want to visit Singapore in a short time as 2 days.
Only after reading the whole piece that it occurred to me that you were unfair, partial and subjective in this writing.

Wasted my time looking to find an interesting story here... What you did was regurgitating other people's perception about Singapore with a bit of "genuine" first time visit to the country.

I hope you will improve on your next piece for the sake of preserving your integrity as a writer.
If you wish to stick to your biased view on Singapore, do the courtesy to change the title to, "5 reasons I dislike Singapore".

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