Friday, August 1, 2014

MRT captain had no choice but to key in available announcement for train delay

Train stalled due to congestion was used several times,  then an announcement about train fault. Later, the train sped at full throttle. To me, it didn't feel like train fault. To me,  the announcements were made at intervals to act as "fillers" and to break the silence commuters experienced while stranded at the station. True enough, the train sped off the station and made jerky journey due to abrupt speeding and brakings, probably to adhere to the right schedule again. Now,  how I wished all MRT trains were automated. How I wished technology was playinh a part in driving the MRT as well as buses. 

In addition,  how I wished the MRT rails ran in loops. Isn't that the most efficient way rather than to wait for the train on terminals to clear before the next train could dock. Furthermore, to decommission the train for the day, just exit at service points for daily maintenance. Alas, that is not to be. 

Now, how I wish that I'm with SMRT, SBS and major public transit companies, working at managerial level to oversee the running of Singapore's mass transit. I will enforce a rule for my managerial level staffs to take the public transit at least three days per week to taste the running of our business.

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