Sunday, August 10, 2014

Handphone battery oh battery, you changes so frequently

Why do handphone batteries change so often,  but the capacity still the same? Why not get the slimmest smallest design and then stick with it? Stick to it like a glue until you figured out how to increase the storage capacity (in milliAmp hour, or mAh). That way, the consumers don't have to search for replacement batteries with difficulties. 

Let's see. Could the reason for constantly changing battery design (outlook) be due to the phone manufacturers' effort to prevent battery glut and reduced/falling prices? Or could it be that batteries were subcontracted to China for production (after first launch) and to ensure subsequent licensing fee imposed to the factories there, phone manufacturers purposely redesign the darn batteries just to recontract the license? Whatever the reason,  consumers' benefit (or interest) is obviously far in their mind. Everything is profit, profit and profit. 

All is not lost, consumers can get genuine batteries online from Ebay, Amazon and the like. However,  in Ebay, we run the risk of getting "generic" batteries at higher prices and with fire hazard.

In the world we are living in, consumers are still not strong enough to force business entities to place consumer interest first. Remember the stupid cables for charging phones? No standardisation,  a waste, and money-churning opportunity for manufacturers to sell parts to us. With changes in each phone launch, we are forced to consume and "excrete" more waste to the environment. 

Alas, there isn't any standard imposed on batteries. We are stuck with different battery designs but with similar power capacity. 

Compact cameras face similar problem! Sometimes, I'm tempted to just get cameras with AA batteries. At least after 5 years time,  I know I will still get to purchase the batteries, rather than throw the whole camera to the environment for failure to get the cheap batteries. 

For business, getting consumers to waste is good for business. So pathetic. At least buy back your junks and give consumers discount for next purchase. That way, you recycle the junk and save the environment.

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