Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Singapore student charged court over usage socket mrt station?

Singapore student charged in court over usage socket mrt station? Link to therealsingapore sensational news?
The story starts off with, I want to share... (second-personal experience) of someone. By Gabriel Bai.
Who is he?

Is the story credible? A normal person will seek classification with smrt, which a significant people did. The reply from smrt was, "we did not take any legal action" (full stop).
How on earth could the girl in the story fined sgd 400 then?
The content of the story is incredible and mock Singapore judicial system. First offence, no warning signage, etc. couldn't possibly make a case.
This story is an example of "freedom of speech" with malicious intention. If smrt wants to take legal action, Gabriel Bai (or anonymous) shouldn't scream "NO freedom of speech". There was in this case because evidently, plenty of people read your story. But freedom of speech don't preclude responsibility. If you have been found to harbor Ill-intention to cause harm to reputation, you are liable to justice.
Remember, freedom-of-speech and libel come hand-in-hand to protect both parties in question.
Update (24 Feb 2014): How angry can a person be if SMRT lied to people? I know... because I was lied (or rather misled)... in the above case, Gabriel Bai is brave to voice out for his friend. SMRT played with words when their rep said this, "we, the SMRT have not taken any legal action (but she was caught and handed to the authority and LTA pressed charges and the student pleaded guilty; and indeed the student was fined sgd 400) against the commuter who utilized our power outlet for her electronic device". The bracketed information seemed to be on a need-to-know-basis and hence omitted from the statement WHICH MISLED NUMEROUS PEOPLE INTO THINKING SHE WAS NOT FINED.
Read penalty for flouting MRT rules here. In this case, score one for alternative news. I've not been a fan of alternative news, but I have to admit they scored a solid goal this time, all thanks to SMRT for trying to cover their butts.

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