Friday, November 22, 2013

Inconcrete libel suit shouldn't be feared by tabloid papers

What's with accusing a person/organization of suppressing press freedom (and preventing "exposure of corruption") by libel suit?

If YOUR reporting is concrete, without bias, no wild accusation, no contempt, and no sensationalism, THEN YOU shouldn't have to fear anything.

If you hack into a victim's handphone and alter her text message to create sensational news, then BE really afraid of libel suits. If you belittle and attack a person's achievement as mere Nepotism without any evidence (and without studying that person's academic and personal achievement), then be prepared for libel suit.

Press Freedom is a situation where you can print whatever f*** YOU want, but for Responsible Press safeguard, you will need to face legal repercussion for any of your irresponsible and illegal/criminal action. In conclusion, libel suit doesn't suppress Press Freedom, but is necessary to uphold Responsible Press.

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