Monday, January 27, 2014

Establishment vs student, latter admit defeat and fined sgd400

Student fined sgd400 because she used the power outlet at MRT station. She pleaded guilty. Plenty of people felt bad for her. Most thought the action was inappropriate considering that the outlet was not locked and there was no warning telling people not to use it. LTA should have known better than to "bully" a student. How much is litigation cost anyway? I would be terrified to plead guilty too if I was her. This scenario is akin to establishment versus individual or in this case student. Her case helped others when LTA said they will review penalties for flouting MRT rule. Just to remind them, please let the public know in advance what are the rules before executing them. We wouldn't want poor students to be poorer because they are ignorant of these rules. 

Last, appreciate the LTA for the prompt response and action. Appreciation goes to the power of social media for highlighting the student's trouble and I have to admit that alternative media helped the most in "hammering" this case to the right people for action. I wonder what all this is going to do to the student.. would she still be paying the hefty fine for being ignorant of her "crime"?

What's next, being fined for using power outlets in library, schools, fast food outlets, museums, hospitals? Common sense would be to place warnings before carrying out any action as deterrence. Hope such unilateral action as demonstrated by SMRT or LTA won't happen again.

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