Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Re: Singapore PM hits back at social media "pack behaviour"

Based on this article, it is sad to see that the people who shout freedom of speech are so eager to crucify another person for just making fun to his friends on Facebook about his son and him taking the MRT. There was never any Ill-intention when he posted his message on Facebook EXCLUSIVELY for his friends. Unfortunately, one of his so-called friend made a fuss, exposed the message, and placed Anton Casey and his family in harm's way. 

PM Lee said it is a pack behaviour, which is true because everyone in the pack is so eager to hunt and savage the target prey without much thought to understand the situation. This is akin to mob mentality in old time villages where and when there is news of outsider causing "disturbance", the whole herd comes in droves ready for mob attack. What we did to Casey is similar; no matter how much apologies he utters won't make a difference because we are just angry people. Worst, there are people who loves to incite (fan-the-fire), making a trivial matter from bad to worst. I never liked instigators (troublemakers). They don't help a bit to resolve matters. They love to destroy rather than mend. In Casey's case, it could have been mended with ease if not for the eagerness to see him destroyed. Did we all know him personally to pass judgement? To me, I see him as a caring and loving father who took his son in the MRT but unfortunately for him, his bad sense of humour costed his job and destroyed his name. Shame to all bigots in Singapore. What we did to Casey is not a question about being a nationalist, it's more like being a petty bigot.

We should forgive Casey. It's not that he has consistently made bad judgement and behaved erratically. We hardly know him before all of this, and hence shouldn't that present a caveat for our perception on this individual? Should a bad sense of humour destroy someone? Haven't we made stupid humours that hurt other people in our lives? How many times had we been forgiven for our stupidity? It's time to reciprocate that with graciousness.

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