Friday, January 31, 2014

Be gracious, there is no entitlement in Singapore

Drop the dream, and brace reality. You are not born to have entitlement to everything you want. You should be gracious when Samaritans give you slack and you should accept when no help is given (but with positive attitude). In Singapore, don't always expect government to do you help and assistance and function in God-like ability but with ordinary salary. When ministers ask for CEO salary, people complained, but when government can't perform God-like function such as mitigate flood caused by freak storm, complain flooded.
In MRT, don't expect people to give you seats; go ask for it humbly, don't expect and harbor hatred. You are not entitled to seats. People who seemed healthy might need seats too, because you might not know if they might be suffering from back-pains or foot injury. If you are offered seats, be thankful and gracious. Disability don't affect your humility, so don't act bad or else people will become apathetic to you. 

Praise as much as you criticize the government and authority. Be realistic, be gracious as well as critical. Don't be blinded by the illusion of entitlement, you are not entitled to anything unless you earn it. Ask, work, study, self-improve, be proactive if you want something. Be gracious and thankful always.

I've seen how people complained about Gods saying that this God and that God as being useless or ineffective (apply to polytheism). How their wishes for great fortune wasn't realised. How we complained about stupid deadlines when we procrastinated half of the time given for certain assignments. How we complained about meagre salary when we failed to self-improve or change our attitude. How our team sucks when we don't provide team spirit in the first place. 

Love, compassion, help. When we are capable, how many times and how frequent we helped others? Don't give the stupid excuse as "I've been poor all my life and hence I am incapable as giving help". Your time, your care, your little action can help in many ways. Money isn't everything. If you can proudly say you did something, you can criticise other people for not helping. If not, you lost the rights to say anything.

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