Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Samsung Note 3 review

I've been a fan of Samsung phone since I started using Samsung S2. Since then,  I've used Samsung Note 1, and currently I'm using Note 3.
I loved S2. S2 persuaded me to switch to Android OS. Previously,  I was Nokia fan and loved the simplicity. However, as phone gets smarter, I feel in love with HTC with its Windows OS. I loved the HTC keyboard with "ctrl" function with allowed copy/cut and paste function. It also had other ctrl keys such as ctrl+A (select all) etc. However, MS Windows market was too boringly paid with negligible freebies. My transition to HTC Magic with Android was a culture shock. I didn't enjoy the experience. Magic was no magic to me. It was not intuitive to use Android. However,  the marketplace was full of freebies freewares and choice. It was simply better than MS windows.
Samsung S2 was the best. It was fast, sleek, unclutteredly clean and intuitive. The swype function was cool thanks to Samsung being first to adopt it in Omnia models. The inbuilt camera was pretty ok.  I was instant fan.
My second Samsung phone was a Note 1 was not so comfortable. The size hindered my mobility,  especially when I was wearing my jeans. I preferred placing the phone in the front pocket and it was impossible to climb stairs with Note 1. However, the screen was unbelievably big. I can read,  draw, and watch movies with ease. The drawback would be that I can't text with one hand. The stencil was very responsive that I could draw and paint. There were many apps I could download with Samsung and Android.
Now, I have Samsung S4 and Samsung Note 3. The S4 acted funny when it restarted with Samsung/Android update. S4 kept restarting continuously. I had to return the phone to Samsung Service Center. The motherboard was spoilt and had to be exchanged. Since then, S4 has been performing at below par.
As for Note 3. I've been using it for almost a year now. Lately, it has been unresponsive and sometimes, freezes. I had to restart couple of times to remove the fault, which will come back after some time. I'm guessing that it could be Android that is causing the problem. Also,  the camera in Note 3 is not good. Snapping a photo is lagging. The culprit was the stabiliser, but disabling that caused blurred pics. I've tried Oppo and Xiaomi. Both had beaten Samsung in pic quality. Both have smooth,  fast,  sleeker,  meaner and uninterrupted experience. Alas,  my Note 3 is a lagging snail. 

The decision has been made. I'm going to try either Xiaomi (cheaper) or Oppo (slightly expensive,  but better) in my next buy. So long Samsung. It's been fun, but it's time to change.

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