Thursday, October 16, 2014

Re: U.S. Calls for Probe Into Beating of Political Activist by Hong Kong Police; DITTO

US calls for probe into beating of political activist Ken Tsang by Hong Kong police (Time magazine). Well, that is the best course of action to protect the innocent victim (or lack of, considering that the protesters are at fault and aggressively committing a "crime"). What is more important is for the probe to also study the problems faced by police officers in doing their duty in maintaining order and also recommend amendments to existing laws and mechanisms so that this kind of protest will not reoccur. The protest faced by Hong Kong served to disrupt and suppress the rights of other people, just so that it could serve the goal of some people. It doesn't make sense. Rights to freedom of expression don't qualify to deprive the rights of other people to a peaceful and conducive life. The protest leaders should be prosecuted (for organising a disruptive protest). There should be a bound to protest and the organisers are liable to face the rule of the day, and answerable to the law. If the protest had been peaceful and not disruptive, it would have deserved more respect. This protest doesn't deserve my respect nor sympathy.

Having said that, the US should also probe the killing of an unarmed black teenager that sparked a violent street protest in St. Louis (and not to mention at Ferguson, Mo. few months back) and also to ensure that no recurrence of the event. US should also need to improve its image and increase public trust and confident in the police force. The US government should be fair to the police force because they put their lives on the line to maintain public order, and with the degrading image of the force, attributed to recent incidents by handful of officers, aren't helping their image and motivation.

I believe all countries are faced with similar problem as Hong Kong (and the US). So, to "pressurize" another country to probe into their own affairs is really distasteful and offensive, because Hong Kong surely did not poke its nose into US affair regarding the killing of Michael Brown, 18 (August 2014) and Vonderrit Myers Jr, 18 (Oct 2014) and ask the US government to probe these killings (and also other previous events), right? Even if US is sincerely concern, it should have relayed the concern discretely, especially considering that US is having its own problem back home.

Last, I still have trust in the police and I believe that sometimes, police face more insult, assault, and victimization as compared to real criminals (who can anytime misuse their rights). Having said that, it is also wise to ensure that the police is constantly reminded that they shouldn't wear their badge and act like humans (and susceptible to emotionally induced action or response). They should be better than other humans. For that, the police deserve a pat more often than criticism.

Just a thought.

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