Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Childish misuse of "Excuse me" ...

Kids, what can I say. They are adorable, but a pain too at times because they can be rude. As a parent, teacher or adult, it is challenging to show them proper conduct when in public. 

One example is the proper usage of "excuse me". To them, the term can be properly used, or misused. Some used it as a tool to "drive off" people, e.g. when there are a lot of people in a place and the kid wants quick and easy access, he just has to say "excuse me" repeatedly like a machine gun and sieve out from the crowd.
Other occasion for misusing "excuse me":

  1. In an exhibition, if a kid wants quick access to one of the exhibits/displays, but impatient to wait for the people in front to finish first, he just say "excuse me" and wedge to the front.
  2. In MRT platform, while people are queuing to board, a kid just has to say "excuse me" and sieve into the crowd to position himself at the front line.

I wonder if the above kids know that such behaviour is rude. If they are my kids, I would explain to them why it is improper... Same goes for being a tutor, teacher etc.

However, as an adult and stranger, it is difficult to "lecture" especially when the kid's parent(s) is around.
So, to these kids, let us just reply to them.... "You are excused (forgiven). Now go back to the line." if they misuse "Excuse me".

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