Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's so easy to step on someone's foot in Singapore

Talk about overcrowding. In Singapore, it's very frequent that you will be stepping onto someone's foot while you are out. Be it in public places or transport. Probably you have said your apology numerous times, or for some not more than the digits on your right hand. People of the latter perplexes me. It's as if, apology is a difficult word (or incriminating). Are we all lawyers nowadays?

I have the feeling that, there are some people out there in Singapore street purposely stepping on people's feet. They are doing it intentionally, just to bring a message across... "out of my way!". If you are stationery, the "foot-steppers" would intentionally assault your foot with, "you are on my spot!". That should be an explanation for the reluctance of people to say their courtesy sorry, whenever they accidentally step onto someone.

How do we as society guide these lost sheep back into the flock? The next time someone steps onto you, don't hesitate and wait for an apology. Just say "ouch, you stepped onto my foot". If without response, add in, "aren't you going to say sorry?". If that didn't evoke any response too, just step onto his/her foot and say, "I'm sorry".

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