Saturday, April 27, 2013

Changi airport, beware... no printer

Don't go to the airport leaving behind (or missing) printouts important for departure or else you will be stuck.
My maid had a printout for ICA clearance for her flight home. She handed the document along with her e-ticket. After check in, the document was no where to be found. Asked the staff at the desk for help as we had the pdf copy in our email. The only suggestion was go to service counter on the lower floor for printing because there is no service at Silk Air counters.
At the customer service centre, the staff needed the pdf on a thumbdrive for printing. We told her it's accessible in our email account and asked if there is any computer terminal with printer. There is none.
Asked for alternative; the staff suggested business centre at Crowne Plaza. Went for it and that didn't work.
We ended up missing the flight and had to pay penalty for no-show at ~SGD150. The next available flight is next day at 7.50am. Good, that mean we'll have to travel from far west to far east early in the morning with a year old baby just to send of our maid....
It's our mistake to have lost the printed document, but what irks me about the whole thing afterwards were the following:
  1. Can't the customer service help us with this simple request as to print a document? We are more than happy to pay nominal fee for the service...
  2. I can't believe that the whole of Changi airport is lacking a simple computer terminal with printer. Are you kidding us? At least provide a service counter with such access! What a disappointment.

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