Wednesday, February 4, 2015

No time to blog, the only index I have is how many diapers I've changed and how many oz my baby had drunk

Baby's 3 weeks old.

There is no greater place to be in the hospital than the maternity ward. The patients are happy and nice. The attending nurses and doctors are lively too. The comparison is astounding, especially when I had to register my wife during admission at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) ward. Over there, the staff are constantly admitting angry, frustrated and in-lots-of-pain patients around the clock. I asked one of the hospital staff there and she said that "tonight is considered better".

Going back to the maternity ward, the only cries are from babies reminding mothers that it is feeding time. As adults, we often forget that baby's only means to communicate to parents is through cries. Baby's cries can be grouped into main two reasons, (1) I'm hungry, (2) I'm uncomfortable. The second one is difficult to discern because it could be due to "shee shee" (pass water), "poo poo" (pass motion), "boo boo" (colic and wind), discomfort due to heat  or nappy rashes, etc.

I have been up and about for two-and-a-half hours feeding and cleaning baby. I took turns with my wife to help out the first week. After that, I only contribute at 9.30 pm, 11.30 pm, and the 2 am slots. I slept like a log afterwards and sometimes I would dream of cries.

That's how I spent my time these few weeks.

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