Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Friends getting married, happiness with no 5Cs

A condition of sort he gave his girlfriend before they decide to tie the knot, "no 5 Cs in our pursuit for happy married life".

They are, complaining, critical, competitive, comparing, and controlling.
Examples of these are:

  • Complain: The weather's too hot
  • Critical: It's hot and you stinks
  • Competitive: I will be stinkier than you, just you wait
  • Comparing: Australia has four seasons and here is hot, we should move
  • Controlling: Go take a shower. I don't care if you had taken it few hours ago.

The above is definitely unique and differs from the 5Cs making happy Singaporeans reported not long ago.
I guess everyone should look for their 5Cs that make them happy and contented. I'll definitely look for my 5Cs in future career.

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