Monday, December 29, 2014

Kids playground not a love boat or for heartbreak

Have you been to the playground lately with your loved ones or children? Did your baby boy or girl played with the slide? If your playground is at HDB area, then chances are high that your fortunately yet to be literate child would be exposed to "F*** you" written all over the play area. There are also other angry words such as "B****" and other stronger expression to denounce to the world how unjust and inconsiderate the vandal's partner (e.g. girlfriend or boyfriend) had been and how heartbroken he/she was.

I guess usually it started off with the "Ah Beng Love Ah Lian episode that later unfolded to the first heartbreak, followed by several rounds of reconciliation and separation before the relationship stabilizes or broken forever. However, to involve public property in the process is irresponsible.

First you carve the "A love B forever". Then you scratch it off and replace it with hate message, e.g. "B****, F*** You". Subsequently, you replace the hate message with new "A love B again", then you repeat the process over several rounds... what is wrong with you?

Nowadays, with the advent of internet and blogging, you can easily proclaim your love to the world with clicks rather than to vandalize the innocent playground with your love life.

Be more considerate...

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