Thursday, September 11, 2014

I thought only thieves and burglars would poison dogs, but in Malaysia, it's different a bit

Ten dogs poisoned in Bukit Bintang car park (reported in Yahoo.Sg). I guess these dogs must have been an eye (and ear) sore for the city, and hence they had to be eliminated this way (either by irate neighbours or someone else). I don't think the culprit will ever admit to the poisoning. I don't think anyone will be prosecuted for this act. That's human nature at work (either ignorant or with ill-intent).

We are fortunate that these kind of people are not daring to the extent that they start poisoning people on the street (or the homeless). If these people can poison lives, it's unimaginable what else they are capable of doing next.

From my experience, I have seen restaurant owners/workers poured hot water on stray dogs in their vicinity, just to drive off these "pests". Some resorted to using bat/stick to chase away these dogs. However, I have not seen or heard any cases where these dogs were poisoned (like rodents). I guess anything is possible in society.

Not long ago, I have heard about the "Robin Hood" of Malaysia who shot a stray dog with bow and arrow. He claimed that the dog was a danger to his family. Well, in my opinion, he should have called his municipal council to dispose of the stray instead of trying to kill the animal himself. Furthermore, if you intend to kill an animal, do it correctly by killing it right away instead of injuring the animal and allowing it to wander and die in the longest agony. Note that the dog died during the rescue due to succumbing to tick fever. The man who shot the animal won't be charged with animal abuse, but he will be charged with using lethal weapon in public.

Talking about municipal councils, some are incompetent in handling strays and could be deemed cruel at times (see "brutality" of dog catchers from Kajang Municipal Council, catch, kill, and get paid, and strays allegedly caught and shot in full view of children). In society, cats and dogs are pets (aka part of family members), and to see strays being treated this way really pain pet lovers and other normal people. If you want to dispose of animals, do it humanely or swift and deadly as nature intended. Dog catchers should be trained before being hired.

For the above poisoning case, I can only hope that the poison acted quickly and painlessly in killing these dogs. I also hope that the poisoning incident is not a prelude to a burglary attempt.

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