Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fakes in Ebay. Is there anything you can do about it?

Fakes are sometimes blessings, while other times - they might just kill you. Some people like to buy fakes while others clueless-ly bump into fakes. There are fake medicines, batteries, jerseys, watches etc. Believe it or not, the first two can kill you!

As we go for shopping, we tend to let our guard down (which is forgivable), when we are in respectable shopping malls. We are more alert when we shop for stuff in a night market (or "pasar malam" in Malay). The latter is a place of bargain and also full of fakes. But how about ebay??

Let's see, ebay is a place where everyone can be a seller and vice versa a buyer. Ebay is just a virtual venue for people to gather and look up for stuff and make a deal when everything is okay. Money is transferred and item sent afterwards. A hassle-free transaction I would say. Ebay earns from the sellers most of the time and sellers are eager to list in ebay because there are just lots of buyers registered with ebay. Imagine a market place with plenty of buyers waiting for sellers to list their items! What would go wrong??

Unlike conventional market place, buyers don't have the advantage to check the item(s) before purchase. All is not lost though, ebay came up with "feedback score" to guide buyers into deciding which seller is trustworthy (based on reviews by previous buyers). Ebay also provide a platform to resolve issues regarding unpaid items, returns, undelivered items etc... but with limitations (see below).

(1) Limited time for lodging a complain/case. To report/lodge a case, buyers have to do so within 45 days.
(2) There is no revision of reviews/feedbacks after first review (unlike android marketplace). Once you give 5stars, there is no turning back - even when your item breaks down, explode or killed you after several weeks later. For sellers who sell goods that breaks after a month, you can't do anything about it. There is no way to warn other would-be buyers as well.
(3) Review/feedback option is only there for limited time. If you decide to wait before feedback/review, you have to make sure you post the review before the "expiry date" or else, you won't get to input your review. How is it possible for buyers to review items at limited time? What if you bought a seed for a flower and start planting it to find out that after 2 months, the flower is not the one you asked for?? Or a battery to a camcorder explodes on your face after few weeks or several times of recharging?
(4) Tolerance for fakes. Ebay seems to tolerate sellers selling fakes. There is no option to report against sellers selling fakes. Beware then, if you are buying toys for children, you might be killing your babies. If you fancy an electronic item, it might kill you with a shock of your life.

As for me, I have learnt my lesson. Fortunately, I didn't have to spend a fortune or my life to learn that ebay is just another "pasar malam" worthy to be alert about. Ebay is just a place full of big bargain alongside fakes and shits. If you want to shop stress free, then visit Amazon or B&N and the likes. If you want a bargain, risk getting one and hope it's not a fake.

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